This Georgia Department of Community Health page has overview and links to english and spanish application form. 

It is important to know that funding through Medicaid for adult services are determined by the level of need and available funding. Because of this it is not unknown for a person to be on a wait list for some time until either funding is available or the person's own situation changes in a way that requires additional care. Because of this it is good idea to apply for medicaid waiver services as soon as possible. It is best to anticipate your child's needs and be prepared to ask for services when they are needed.

Some other useful links:

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Important things to know:

​Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, the requirement for states to provide school based education and support services ends when children complete their 21st year. After that, adult services are determined by personal and family need and services that are available. The Berry Center is one of Augusta area's adult service providers. Most of our services are covered under under the Georgia Katie Beckett Waiver. We have included some links below that may help in understanding the waiver and other community services.

Nonprofit providing day services for community members with developmental disabilities